I discovered editing after having worked for a few years in different areas of film production. Everything fell into place, it was love at first cut and I’ve never looked back.


Editing constantly inspires my creativity and challenges my ability to construct a narrative and make it compelling, coherent and entertaining.


For me, good editing is great storytelling.


With every project I work on, my goal is to help make it the best it can be.

"Cosmo is the sort of person you can leave with a heap of rushes and know that when you return for a viewing what you will be presented with is coherent, well-thought out and logical. He is particularly good at turning around an edit quickly and creatively. Cosmo is a calming influence, who works well under pressure but his particular forte is creating engaging narratives.

I tended to place him on shows where there was a human interest story, or good characters to bring out, shows that needed a strong narrative thread throughout. He is happy to work within the house-style of a series yet creative enough to also visualise one from scratch should that be required.

Cosmo is both a great editor and story-teller. I would not hesitate in recommending him for a job or, indeed, hiring him again myself."


Simon Withington, Executive Producer, ITV


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